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Cynthia Clark, LAc, DOM
Longevity Wellness Acupuncture Clinic
2106 Bispham Road, Suite E
Sarasota, FL 34231 United States
Cynthia Clark is an Acupuncture Physician, Board-Certified Herbalist, Applied Clinical Nutritionist, and the creator of the Energy Medicine program, Energy Evolution. After struggling with multiple bouts of pneumonia and pleurisy and finding conventional medicine without answers as to why she was getting sick or how to get her better, she started exploring complementary options. A few months later, she realized she needed to dedicate her life to the pursuit of this incredible medicine.

Coming from and undergraduate degree in engineering and a decade-long background in Chinese martial arts, she dedicated herself to exploring what to her were brand new systems and ways of thinking. She was fascinated by the complexity and brilliance of the human body and the unique understanding that Oriental Medicine brings to it. Bringing all of her experience with the systems-based approach of engineering, the esoteric understanding of the internal martial arts, and the discipline cultivated by the external arts, she focuses her attention on identifying the primary cause of illness and a comprehensive approach to treating it. She is skilled in functional medicine nutrition, herbology, Medical Qigong, and applied kinesiology.

Utilizing her time-proven six step healing approach, Cynthia identifies the root cause of the lung dysfunction and provides the nutrients the body needs to heal itself. This is essential because there can be many different causes of problems in the lungs, including external and internal pathogens, and retention of damp and phlegm.

She offers both in-person and Telemedicine visual or phone calls.
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