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Cynthia Clark, LAc, DOM
Longevity Wellness Acupuncture Clinic
2106 Bispham Road, Suite E
Sarasota, FL 34231 United States
Lower Extremity Open Wounds
In May 2018 a male patient presented to Dr. Cynthia looking for help with the pain in his lower extremities due to infection and open sores. He was originally diagnosed with a systemic candida infection. He came in contact with a colony of red ants which bit both of his lower legs. A few weeks later his legs began to get more inflamed. He went to see his current practitioner who determined that the poison from the red ants had morphed his candida into an MRSA infection.

During the next 11 months, he spent all his time bedridden as his body was in excruciating pain and his legs were 70% covered in suppurating sores. The pain was so severe that he finally gave in and went to the hospital, knowing full well that they would try to get him to take antibiotics and other medications that he did not want to take. The medical doctor explained that his MRSA infection was so severe that they would not be able to save his legs, but they might be able to save his life. He was determined that he would not have to resort to this option of amputating his legs and continued to push through his pain.

The patient reported: "My body decided to get rid of the toxic heat as quickly as it could and multiple sores opened up on my legs again. The oozing sores are like an acid burn. The pain is horrendous. Additional symptoms include pulling on the bone. I interpret that as long-term candida being ripped off the bone. Bouts of constipation and then diarrhea. Lack of stamina, weakness, fatigue. Tinnitu... sometimes almost unbearable. Severe lack of sleep. Any sleep I get is in the morning hours. I do not sleep at night. One major irritant has been itchy skin. The heat rash has been creeping up my legs about 7 inches from where it was static for 4 years. Another skin issue is the accelerating dryness and spreading of sandpaper or alligator skin areas. This coincided with the rising skin rash area. Dr. Cynthia has been my lifeline getting through this. Weekly visits produced needed relief."

He completed Wei Labs patient profile form, and at the end of May Dr. Cynthia started him on Wei Labs herbal formulas: Veinicin, Artinin, Blood Tonic, LC Balancer, and had him topically apply PA to the open sores. The Veinicin and Artinin help take care the infection in the blood vessels. Blood Tonic helps nurture the blood and improve circulation. LC Balancer helps improve the microcirculation. Topic application of the PA formula helps clear the infections in the open sores. After just three days he felt like there had been a positive relief. The pain level in his legs diminished some, to the point that he has been able to cut down on taking over the counter painkillers. The oozing from the open sores had also decreased.

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