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Michael Prendergast, DC/Laser Therapy/LAc
Lasers Edge Chiropractic
#303-2330 Kennedy Rd./23 Castle Knock Rd.
Toronto,  ON M5N 2J3 Canada
I have been practicing in Toronto since graduating from CMCC in 1983. By 1984 I incorporated Acupuncture into my practice. I started using primitive low intensity lasers in 1989 and have kept to the most current and effective lasers to date. I use the German made Physiolaser Olympic most often these days but sometimes use the Bioflex system.

My strong suits are in the realm of neuro-musculo-skeletal complaints (NMS) especially those in the chronic/geriatric areas. I have a few Medical Specialist/Family Physicians that refer 75+ yr. old patients with medically untreatable NMS conditions and we have had many life altering successes.

My practice, unfortunately sees far too many people who have been placed on the wonder drugs of the past two decades- the statins, This class of drug has the ability to create musculo-skeletal pain of a global nature, insomnia and memory problems, to name a few. The research that is the basis for their use is flawed and self serving in that the owners of the patents are doing the research, My spin on their numbers is that you get 2 days more to live for every YEAR taking them, not much of a benefit.

Conversely, a diet high in fruits and vegetables does a better job of lowering cholesterol along with a daily walk and regular oral hygiene. These things are easy, cheap and MUCH more likely to provide the basis for a long and healthy life than “trusting your heart to Lipitor” (also Zocor and Crestor). If you feel you MUST lower cholesterol try Red Rice Yeast, it is the natural source of the statin drugs. Read “The Great Cholesterol Con” by Dr. Malcolm Kenterick or watch on youtube.

Business Hours: MWF @ Kennedy Rd Office/ TTHSat @ Castle Knock Office
Phone Consulting: No
Fees Schedule: Consultation $75.00, Chiro tx $42.00, Acupuncture $35.00, Laser $120.00/hr., All supplements etc @ 20% or less (stocking charge)