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Michael Prendergast, DC/Laser Therapy/LAc
Lasers Edge Chiropractic
#303-2330 Kennedy Rd./23 Castle Knock Rd.
Toronto,  ON M5N 2J3 Canada
Successful Treatment for Chronic Recurrent Menieres Disease
Female patient, age 59, with Hex of neck pain, TMJ dysfunction, headaches, vertigo and tinnitus. Radiographic evidence of an avulsion fracture at anterior body of C-2 (Motor Vehicle Accident 12 years ago)

This patient responded well to gentle manipulation, soft tissue therapy, laser therapy and a night guard for her jaw (TMJ). She requires periodic intervention but is working and exercising with excellent balance and few headaches.
Bussiness Hours: MWF @ Kennedy Rd Office/ TTHSat @ Castle Knock Office
Phone Consulting: No
Fees Schedule: Consultation $75.00, Chiro tx $42.00, Acupuncture $35.00, Laser $120.00/hr., All supplements etc @ 20% or less (stocking charge)
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