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What Is Brain Fog?
Cognitive dysfunction or brain fog is a common condition that affects thousands of people in their work, school and daily activities. Brain fog is a condition in which an individual is overwhelmingly forgetful, confused, detached and experiences difficulty concentrating. The term "fog" is used to describe this condition because it is like a cloud is clouding the way for mental clarity.

What Causes Brain Fog?
Brain fog can be caused by physical, psychological, chemical or emotional factors. These factors include stress, diet, nutritional deficiencies, metal poisoning, sleep disorders, menopause, vision problems, emotional conditions, chronic infections and more.

Brain Fog Symptoms
The symptoms include anxiety, depression, lack of concentration, decreased attention span, short-term memory and emotional conflicts.

Western Medicine Treatment for Brain Fog
Brain fog is a treatable condition. Treatments vary depending on how serious the condition is. Some people only need more sleep and dietary improvements while others may need medication, counseling and therapy.

Brain Fog Preventions
One of the most important ways to avoid brain fog is to have a healthy diet. The brain needs a lot of nutrients and vitamins to function well. Lack of nutrients also causes infections to easily form which then increase the chances of brain fog. Getting good rest, water and being stress free are also ways to prevent it.

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Many healthcare professionals have found that Brain Fog symptoms can be eliminated with sustained results. With their innovative treatment approaches, patients can experience symptom elimination in 2 weeks to 1 month for most conditions.
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