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Chrisenia White, ND, DC, LAC, LDN
Acure Wellness
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Lyme Disease Solution
A 22-year-old female presented with Lyme Disease diagnosed in 2006. Her symptoms were severe joint pain, fatigue, and she was breaking out all over. She had tried multiple treatments up until this point but never experienced sustained relief. On 8/5/18 patient started on Wei Lab's parasite killing products: Spiromin, Nemacin, Peritonin, Green, Silver, and S-2. Spiromin formula helps clear damp heat toxins and infections caused by spirochetes. Damp heat toxins can be caused by bacteria such as spirochetes, which have a very complex cellular structure, triggering an immune response in a broad spectrum. Nemacin helps clear digestive nematode parasites, a type of roundworms which are usually small in size, less than a few millimeters. Peritonin helps clear damp toxin and clear mycobacteria in the guts, connective tissue and the peritoneal space. Nematodes can develop resistance to the treatment. In order to clear the parasite that survived the Nemacin treatment, Green Formula is recommended. Silver clears infections in the appendix and colon. S-2 removes infections by gram-negative bacterium in the peritoneal space including membranes that cover the inside of the abdomen and most of its organs.

Two weeks into the treatment her symptoms flared but then calmed down. She noticed a slight improvement in her brain fog and fatigue. Her appetite was still low and she was forcing herself to eat.

The patient continued with month two of treatment adding in LC Balancer at a low dose to help with her fatigue. Six weeks in she still hadn't noticed much of a difference. However, her acne had gotten significantly worse since starting the products. Dr. White noted this was likely correlated with toxin retention and accumulation in the skin, as she was not on any of the supporting products. At the beginning of September, Dr. White recommended she start Bitter to help clear pro-inflammatory cytokines in the blood and help with toxin removal. At the end of month two, she noted her symptoms have subsided significantly since adding in the Bitter. She noticed a decrease in her energy after she ran out of the LC Balancer.

At this time Dr. White recommend she take a two-week break from the parasite killing products to allow any residual eggs time to hatch. She continued on a low dose of the Bitter and LC Balancer (1 capsule 3x day on a good day). In those two weeks off the parasite killing products, the patient's symptoms ramped up and were significantly worse than the last two days of that 14 day period. November 7thshe restarted the parasite killing products at low dose: Spiromin 1 capsule daily, Nemacin 1 capsule three times each day, Peritonin, 1 capsule three times each day, Green 1 capsule three times each day, Silver 1 capsule three times each day, and S-2 1 capsule three times each day. At the end of December, the patient had completely finished the low dose parasite killing products and she was feeling way better! She was taking LCB and Bitter, every couple of days or every other day (when she remembered). She can still tell when she doesn't take the LCB as her energy remains low. Patient plans to continue with one more month of low dose LCB and Bitter to clear residual toxins.
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