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Kym Black-Caporale, DACM MSOM MEd
(727) 521-0210
8424 4th St N Suite F
St. Petersburg , FL 33702 United States
Dr. Kym Black-Caporale, DACM MSOM MEd, is a graduate of Pacific College of Health and Sciences, East West College of Natural Medicine, Western Carolina University, and University of South Florida. She has worked in the medical field for over 40 years in hospitals and clinics throughout the United States as an educator, speech language pathologist, and acupuncture physician.

Dr. Caporale focuses her passions on the Restorative Medical field with over 23 years of experience in the integrative and restorative medical world and often speaks at corporate health events on the importance of a whole body incorporation of wellness to enhance health and restore our bodies.

Dr. Caporale has focused her practice on reproductive medicine and female health, but works with many other conditions. She is the creator of Florida's premier integrative women’s clinic and works with endocrinologists throughout the US.

Her love for patient interaction brings many patients to Caporale’s door so that she can consult and shed light on systems and treatment plans that can restore the body back to a natural state of wellness. She has coined the words “ organ restoration and livelihood” to promote her gentle manner of practicing today's integrative medicine.

She has worked with Wei Laboratories since 2019. Her background in Chinese Medicine gives her a greater understanding of our formulas and the importance of Yin & Yang.
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