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Case Studies
Brian McKay, DC
Core Health Darien
555 Post Road
Darien, CT 06820 United States
I worked on Wall Street for 6 years in my twenties. I had been seeing a chiropractor since I was 12. One day I was jogging in NYC and hit a pothole. I thought I broke my ankle. Lucky for me it was only a bad sprain. A few weeks of crutches and my ankle was fine. The problem was that my lower back was on fire.

I returned to the orthopedic who treated my ankle for help with my lower back. He gave me some medication. I did not get any better. In fact I got worse. The pain was so unbearable that I would pay a messenger in my office to stand on my back to get relief.

A colleague asked me what I was doing lying on the floor with a 300 lb. man standing on me. It looked a little strange.

He suggested I see a chiropractor. It never dawned on me because I was listening to the orthopedic taking the medication.

I saw a chiropractor who explained that my gait was altered after the fall. The way I was walking was off and because I sit all day at work my back was ripe to fail. I started treating with this chiropractor, and immediately I felt better.

I was in line outside his door one day when I realized that I no longer wanted to be a Wall Street trader any longer. I wanted to become a chiropractor again.

When I was younger I had expressed interest in becoming a chiropractor to my medical doctor. His advice was that I become a garbage man instead. So I put that thought out of my mind right away, until that moment standing in line.

I went to Palmer in Davenport Iowa in December of 1986 and have not looked back since. I love helping people feel their best.
Business Hours: Monday thru Saturday
Phone Consulting: No
Fees Schedule: $125 initial consult