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Maureena  Bivins, Phd, LAc
(818) 991-2600
31255 Cedar Valley Dr., Ste. 307
Westlake Village , CA 91362 United States
My interest in health and wellness began in my youth, as a student in school. I was always curious about the workings of the human body and human behavior. Early on I realized that if the body & mind is provided with the resources and support it lacks, it has the wisdom to know how to use those resources to the best advantage.

As an adult, I sought education in alternative medicine at Samra University of Oriental Medicine in Los Angeles where I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and Korean Samsung Constitutional Medicine. Concurrently, I augmented my therapeutic skills by studying several types of osteopathic-based manual therapies known as craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation through the Upledger Institute. I also participated in a three-year certification course in trauma resolution known as Somatic Experiencing, a naturalistic model of stress-reduction formulated by Peter Levine. More recently, I completed my doctoral studies at the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute where I received my doctorate in clinical psychology with an emphasis in somatics. The somatic track explored the many ways life experience impacts physical and psychological health and well-being. My studies focused on early life experience and how it can influence health across the lifespan. Finally, further studies in biophysics and bioenergetics have led me to adopt a new model of the human body. In place of regarding the human body as a machine, Iíve come to understand that it operates as an information system that responds moment-by-moment to internal and external signals from the environment. These signals drive bodily processes that underlie health. This perspective has helped me to think out of the box so that I can approach your health concerns in an innovative way, within my scope of practice.

My goal in treatment is to provide the support & information you and your body needs to achieve and maintain health and wellness. I welcome you to my holistic center and look forward to working with you.

To your health!
Business Hours: 9am to 5pm Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri. Closed Wednesday
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: Initial consultation and treatment session: $225, Acupuncture $95, Acupuncture combined with Manual Therapy: $150