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What Are Skin Rashes?
Healthy skin provides a barrier between the inside of the body and the outside environment. A rash means some change has affected the skin. Rashes are generally caused by skin irritation, which can have many causes. A rash is generally a minor problem that may go away with home treatment. In some cases a rash does not go away or the skin may become so irritated that medical care is needed.

In adults and older children, rashes are often caused by contact with a substance that irritates the skin (contact dermatitis). The rash usually starts within 48 hours after contact with the irritating substance. Contact dermatitis may cause mild redness of the skin or a rash of small red bumps. A more severe reaction may cause swelling, redness, and larger blisters. The location of the rash may give you a clue about the cause. Learn More
Many healthcare professionals have found that Skin Rashes can be eliminated with sustained results. With their innovative treatment approaches, patients can experience symptom elimination in 1 week to 1 month for mild and moderate conditions.
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List of healthcare professionals who have published clinical studies and provide treatment for Skin Rashes:
United States
Gregory Lind, DC Milpitas, 95035
Successful Treatment of Post-Surgery Elbow Pain and Rashes
Reid Brecke, DC Sparks, 89431
Successful Treatment of Parasites in the Digestive Tract and Skin Rash