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Bruce Mounsey, DC, RN
Lone Star Chiropractic
2006 Creekview Drive
Round Rock, TX 78681 United States
Successful Treatment of Permanent Beck and Neck Problems Caused by Job Injury
A male patient, age 40, suffered from severe low back and neck problems incurred on the job in 1993 (labor accident, workers compensation applied). His pain level had been tremendous such that he had to work with a chronic pain management specialist (he worked with multiple doctors to get more control of the injury). As a result of the accident, he had gone through surgery on the shoulder joints. Unfortunately, the outcome had not been as expected. He suffered from intractable pain which ranged anywhere between mild and severe depending on his activity. The pain radiated into his neck and upper back. It became worse when exposed to stress and lifting. He had tried hot packs, showers and additional rest as well as medication which helped to temporarily lower the pain. The patient came for treatment in November 1995 hoping to lower the impact of the permanence of the injury on his lifestyle.

Dr. Mounsey applied a treatment program composed of chiropractic adjustments and soft tissue work for about 1.5 years. It started out with three sessions a week (for first six weeks), continued with two weekly treatments (for another eight weeks) and finally was reduced to once a week for the rest of the program.

The outcome had been truly positive. The patient has become pain-free for most of the time. The frequency of visits with the pain manager has been reduced substantially. The amount of pain killers needed has been almost zeroed. The range of motion in his shoulder movements has been significantly increased (there is a limit due to the permanent nature of the injury). He still has numerous myofascial trigger points caused by hypertonic muscle fibers which never relax and cause biochemical toxification (Dr. Mounsey applied soft tissue work to help clear it). He also possesses fibrous adhesions (internal scar tissue caused by the trauma from the injury). The patient really liked the outcome of the continued treatment. It made him feel much better.
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