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Michael Pierce, DC
Wellness Revolution Health Center
545 Saratoga Ave. Suite D
Santa Clara, CA 95050 United States
Successful Resolution of Shortness of Breath (SOB) and Other Critical Symptoms
A male patient in his late 50s came for treatment in 2007. He was an alcoholic diagnosed with a congested liver as well as SOB (could only walk 100ft without resting; very hard breathing). He had no primary care physician.

Dr. Pierce applied a bio-meridian stress assessment. Based on the results he prescribed an herbal treatment program (Soup A and LC Balancer) for a total length of two weeks. An allergy desensitizing program was added together with a nutritional program, somatic therapy and chiropractic work.

As a result, the patient stopped drinking alcohol. His weight decreased (from overweight to normal). His blood sugar was normalized. He was able to walk four miles four times a week without intermediate resting again. Full resolution of the symptoms had been accomplished. The results have been sustained ever since. Maintenance has not been needed at all.
Bussiness Hours: 8:30AM to 6PM (Mo, Wed, Thu; Lunch Break: 1 to 3 PM); 8AM to 1PM (Tue); 8:30AM to 6PM (Fri; School Time)
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: Depending on treatment plan & insurance coverage
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