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Dewitt Garrett, DC, DM
221 Al Fan Ct.
Winchester, KY 40391 United States
Successful Treatment of Ovarian Cyst
A female patient, had to take a swine flu vaccine around 1980 due to her profession as a nurse. Ever since the vaccination she suffered from a variety of issues such as chronic fatigue or digestive problems. In addition to those symptoms an ultrasound had diagnosed an ovarian cyst in 2001.

Dr. Garrett applied kinesiological muscle testing to find out the patients weak and strong points. He used the Ovex formula of Standard Process. Interestingly enough, the patient turned out to be allergic to pork but gained strength with beef. Consequently, the practitioner prescribed the regular Ovex B (beef) formula to tackle the symptoms.

The result turned out accordingly. The ovarian cyst was eliminated. The result has been sustained.
Bussiness Hours: by appointment
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: $50 per visit
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