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Craig Selinger, DC
Selinger Chiropractic and Acupuncture
7749 Lake Worth Road
Lake Worth, FL 33467 United States
Successful Treatment of Neck Pain and Hand Numbness
A male patient (computer web designer), 50 years old, came for treatment in March 2011. He was diagnosed with neck pain (6 out of 10) and hand numbness. He also suffered from a limited range of motion, headache and neck arthritis (x-ray revealed the condition). In addition, muscle spasms were identified. The MD had prescribed anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxants and pain killers. The patient could only work for short periods before the next break.

Dr. Selinger applied a combined treatment program composed of chiropractic work (e.g. adjustments), decompression therapy (gentle spine stretching controlled by a computer program), neck acupuncture (electric muscle stimulation) and traction as well as herbal remedies and fish oil. The total treatment took 24 sessions over a period of three months (2-3 times a week; 30min per session). Upon completion the patient continued with one preventative session (maintenance) per month.

Upon completion of the program (after three months) the patient had been fully recovered. All symptoms were eliminated. He has been working without any problems ever since. The results have been sustained and the patient is very happy with the outcome.
Bussiness Hours: Mo: 8.30AM to 6PM; Tue: 8.30AM to 5PM; Wed: 8.30AM to 6PM; Thu: 8.30AM to 6PM; Fri: 8.30AM to 12.30PM; Lunch: 12.30PM to 2PM
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: initial complimentary consultation offered (value: $150), Fees vary depending on case
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