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Craig Selinger, DC
Selinger Chiropractic and Acupuncture
7749 Lake Worth Road
Lake Worth, FL 33467 United States
Successful Treatment of Degenerative Disc Disease
A female patient, 50 years old, came for treatment in early September 2011. She had been diagnosed with neck and back pain as well as sciatica and headache. The patient suffered from severe pain (9 out of 10). She had consulted with various MDs who could not help her. The MDs had prescribed pain killers to manage the pain. Dr. Salinger identified a degenerative disc disease (herniated disc) as well as osteoarthritis with a limited range of motion. It was impossible for her to exercise.

A combined treatment program composed of acupuncture, chiropractic adjustment, and decompression therapy as well as herbal remedies was applied for a total of 12 sessions (3 visits a week).

The outcome has been truly positive so far (ongoing treatment). The symptoms have been reduced by 50%. The trend of improvement has been sustained. The patient can exercise again (e.g. walking). The headaches have been completely eliminated.
Bussiness Hours: Mo: 8.30AM to 6PM; Tue: 8.30AM to 5PM; Wed: 8.30AM to 6PM; Thu: 8.30AM to 6PM; Fri: 8.30AM to 12.30PM; Lunch: 12.30PM to 2PM
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: initial complimentary consultation offered (value: $150), Fees vary depending on case
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