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Laurence Layne, MT, Herbalist
Healing Waters Clinic and Herbs Shop
26 Clark St.
St. Augustine, FL 32084 United States
Successful Fungal Infection Treatment
Patients age: mid 60s
Patients gender: male
When patient came for treatment: May 2005
Diagnosis: Mysterious fungal infection, undiagnosed, flesh-eating, irritated lesion on arm acquired during scuba diving
Any impact from MDs side: no help after multiple attempts to treat by meds, numerous specialists

Components of Treatment Program: Herbal regimen with cleansing, soothing, and antimicrobial herbs; external application of a salve made at our clinic

# Of sessions in total: 2 (with some phone consultation)
Length of treatment program: several months
# of sessions per week: N/A
Progress made by patient: Complete elimination of lesion and fungal infection on arm, tissue growth and repair
# of preventative maintenance sessions: none

Ultimate result: Complete recovery

Sustainability: No reoccurrence after several years
Perception of result by patient: Unbelievably happy
Additional info: The regimen required several herbal formulas combined together, and daily application of an herbal salve
Bussiness Hours: Mo-Sat: 10AM to 6PM
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: $75 per visit (on average)
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