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Philip Trigiani, Orthopedic/CNS Acupuncture/ Physical Medicine
Acupuncture Physical Medicine
212 769 6443
201 W 74th Street Suite 16G
New York , NY 10023 United States
Successful Fertility Treatment
A female patient, age 45, came for treatment in February 2011. She presented vertigo, back pain, and amenorrhea, which she has been suffering with for approximately two years before she came in. With a combination of mild acupuncture and gentle osteopathic technique applied at both the sacral and occipital levels, the back pain and dizziness ceased after one visit. After two more sessions, the menses returned and she became symptom free. She is now 6 months pregnant.
Bussiness Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday: 12-8
Phone Consulting: No
Fees Schedule: Varies according to various organizations/hospitals the patient is affiliated with.
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