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Gregory Lind, DC
Family Chiropractic and Natural Healing Center
(408) 263-8025
1778 Clear Lake Ave.
Milpitas, CA 95035 United States
Successful Healing of Foot Stress Fracture of a Ballet Dancer
A 17-year-old female patient suffered from an acicular fracture, a torn toe tendon, and a ligament sprain in November 2010. Three forms of tissue had been affected. The patient is a ballet dancer (highest class, pre-professional level). She is in the process of becoming a professional classical ballet dancer taking her next career step at the Oregon Ballet Theater.

Dr. Lind prescribed a combined treatment of FASTT Patches (6 patches for 17 days, 48 hrs. on/24 hrs. off), massage (after the patches had done their work) and adjustments (once a week for 4-5 weeks). The patient was back on the dance floor by mid-January 2011.

In March of 2011, she suffered from another injury (right foot). Two MRIs (ankle and foot) were taken. A soft tissue injury was diagnosed (no fracture). A two-month resting period between March and May was prescribed (right foot was rested in a boot). In addition, three FASTT patches were applied. The patches were instrumental in a speedy recovery.

The patient has been back taking full-time dance classes since June 2011. She is preparing her assignment at the Oregon Ballet Theater starting in September 2011.
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