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Successful Resolution of Scar Tissue and Nerve Constriction in Right Hand
A female presented with carpal tunnel-like symptoms in her right hand and nerve constriction and scar tissue at her wrist/palm from past surgeries. It was recommended by her surgeon that she again undergo a surgical release. She also had stiffness in four of her knuckles and contracture of her fingers as a result. The patient began a month-long program consisting of Wei Labs WHITEE Patches on her wrist, FASTT Patches on her knuckles, and an internal product called LC Balancer.

She started treatment on 8/22/18. With the first application of the patches, her hand “felt a little warmer” and she experienced a “little pinching pain” in her knuckles. She said it was incredible when she took LC Balancer that she could feel that the blood flow was directed to her hand/arm with heat activation. Pain and intense blood circulation were increased in the first few days with the FASTT Patches but then subsided. She noticed immediate pain reduction with the WHITEE Patches, and her palm/wrist went from being tingly/numb/painful to the touch, to malleable and to the point where she could now massage her palm. Previously she could not bear to touch the area. After the two patch applications, her acupuncturist noticed an improvement in her wrist mobility.

With the patches, her hand felt less inflamed and she noticed redness on her wrist with increased blood flow. She felt the WHITEE Patches were helping break down the scar tissue in her wrists. She had increased mobility and ability to extend her wrist. She noticed decreased inflammation and felt her knuckles had loosened up. She also used a FASTT patch on her little finger which had been inflamed and painful, whose condition was also significantly improved.

After the first month of treatment, the patient reported she was very happy with the results. Her surgeon no longer recommended surgery and said that he was happy with the effect of the patches, particularly the WHITEE Patches in breaking down scar tissue in her wrist. Her wrist was noticeably looser, and the surgeon recommended she continue with the treatment. She placed WHITEE Patches on her palm and at the base of her fingers to help break down the tissue density in the area. She continued to have some numbness from nerve impingement but no burning. Her fingers remained in contracture due to being immobilized for a few months after her previous surgery. For her second month of treatment, she switched from the FASTT to WHITEE patches on her fingers.

After two months of treatment, she noticed a profound difference in her wrist, palm, and top of her knuckles. The nerve pain and tingling in her wrist had diminished. Her therapist can now touch and manipulate her whole hand and she does not need to take pain medication like before. Her right hand changed outwardly and began to look more like a normal hand. She continues to work with her hand therapist on the contracture in her fingers. They are working on elongating the tendons. At this time, she plans to finish therapy and access where she is at.

Figure 1 shows the patient’s hand. Figure 2 shows how the patient cut up the FASTT Patch to frame the knuckles. Figure 3 shows that the patient wore the WHITEE Patch on the anterior portion of her wrist.

Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Fig. 3

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