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Ted Czepiel, DC
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Ankylosing Spondylitis Solution
A male patient presented to Dr. Czepiel, DC with ankylosing spondylitis due to an autoimmune condition that was diagnosed when he saw a rheumatologist. The patient complained of extreme hip pain, fatigue, and trouble walking. In the past, the patient had tried steroid injection and anti-inflammatories, however, he knows it's not correcting the root cause. The patient's goal was to get rid of the hip pain and avoid needing to start the biologic agent medication recommended by his doctor.

Dr. Czepiel, DC talked with the patient about the Wei Laboratories protocol used to treat ankylosing spondylitis which consists of the WHITEE Patch, LC balancer, and a rotation of Java/Brown every two weeks. The WHITEE Patch can help heal cartilage, spinal disc, meniscus, and labrum injuries, reverse degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, bone spurs, and stenosis, and resolve scarring, calcification, and cysts. The LC Balancer enhances microcirculation by improving microcapillary structure. Brown improves liver health and repair liver damage. Java improves lymphatic circulation. It also helps resolve autoimmune conditions.

After three weeks on the treatment, the patient claimed that he was doing extremely well and it was the best he had felt in 9 months. He began to really notice a difference after implementing the Brown in week 2 and saw significant improvements in mobility and pain.

After three months of the protocol, the patient claimed that he was 80% well. He was going to continue seeing Dr. Czepiel, DC in order to continue the healing. One thing the patient noted was that he felt that the Wei products corrected his lymphatic system in the first 4 weeks of the protocol. He noticed his energy levels had increased and he had a stronger immune system. The patient also passed a kidney stone after 2 weeks of the protocol that he had had in his body for a while.

"I would recommend this to anyone, and I will definitely keep you guys in mind."
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