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Improvement in Patient with Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease
A 62-year-old female presented with stage 4 CKD and was in preparation for peritoneal dialysis per recommendation by her Nephrologist. One of her main complaints prior to starting treatment was the fatigue she was experiencing, despite walking 1.5 miles 5x a week. Prior to starting treatment her GFR was 13, Creatinine - 3.57, BUN - 19, Glucose - 112, and Albumin - 2.9. Other underlying health conditions include: diabetes, hypertension, and CHF. Prior to starting treatment, she was taking multiple blood pressure medications and was dosing 3-4 units of insulin a day. The patients goal with treatment is to avoid dialysis and regain her energy.

The patient went in to see Dr. Bing Alabanza and following the recommendations Dr. Bing, the patient started on Wei Labs core kidney products: KS, Xcel, and LC Balancer. The Xcel helps improve the adrenal gland and kidney function, and helps with the kidney's filtration and balancing of minerals and KS helps clear inflammation and infection of the kidneys. LC Balancer is also recommended to improve kidney structure and micro-circulations in conjunction with the other kidney products. Bing made dietary recommendations as well which included not drinking a full glass of water in one sitting to avoid kidney overload.

After one month on the protocol her neuropathy pain improved and it no longer felt like she is walking on pins and needles and she had regained feeling in her feet. Her BG readings have decreased and she is only dosing 2 units of insulin each day, down from 3-4 timer per day. Her urine stream is stronger. Patient noted that her skin is clearer to the point that people have commented she looks different and has more of a glow. She has also noticed improvement in the bags under her eyes. After 1.5 weeks on the protocol the patient had her labs drawn again and they were relatively unchanged: GFR was 13, Creatinine -3.67, BUN - 23, Glucose - 112, and Albumin - 3.4. She continued with month 2 of treatment.

In early July, she stopped Furosemide and started taking Burdock instead. Patient noticed an increase in her urinary frequency and output, along with decreased lower extremity edema while taking Burdock and KS. At this time Dr. Bing decided to add on the products Formula C to enhance kidney structure on a cellular level along with the product Breez as patient had yet to see a drop in her blood pressure. Breez helps clear liver wind which is a restriction in blood flow to the bronchi and muscles due to the tightening of the muscles surrounding the blood vessels.

She continued with month 3 of treatment, this time on KS, Xcel, LC Balancer, Formula C, and Breez. A week later she was hospitalized with pulmonary edema and given IV diuretics. Her blood pressure and kidneys were stable throughout the hospitalization. Her labs showed a slight decrease in her kidney function: GFR was 12, Creatinine - 3.77, BUN - 19, and Glucose - 104. After two weeks on Breeze her blood pressure finally moved! It was consistently 170 systolic. Over the weekend her blood pressure went from 170 to 163/161 to 159, and eventually 155 systolic. Patient finished her third month of treatment with her blood pressure remaining stable around 160 systolic. Her labs were drawn on 8/8/18 and showed a one point drop in her GFR and slight increase in her creatinine and BUN. This was not concerning with the detoxifying process the kidneys experience with the products and the fact that her GFR has been stable to this point. She will continue with month 4 of treatment on KS, Xcel, LC Balancer, and Formula C, along with Breez for another 2 weeks to see more improvements in her blood pressure.

At the end of month 4, her blood pressure was consistently around 144 systolic, 150 systolic at the highest. This was a drastic improvement from her initial average of 170-180 systolic prior to starting Wei products. At the start of treatment, she was dosing 4 units of insulin- now she dosing 0-3 units MAX depending on her diet. Patient decided to stop Wei Products after 4 months of treatment due to financial reasons. Things went south the minute she stopped the products. Her lower extremity edema returned, she noticed her fatigue worsening, and her Nephrologist recommended she start dialysis with her GFR at 11. Her Nephrologist was shocked at the improvement in her blood pressure: 127/80 at her follow up visit. Her BG that morning was 87 as well. Not long after patient muscle tested herself and decided to go back on the core kidney products: LC Balancer, Xcel, and KS at low dose in efforts to reduce the swelling and increase her energy levels again. After a week patient reported the half dose was helpful but not as beneficial as full dose. Two weeks later on half dose of Wei Laboratories herbal formulas her body became too toxic and her Nephrologist recommend she start dialysis immediately. Patient voiced that she knew the herbal formulas were working to help restore her kidneys as her lab number had stopped dropping and stayed constant for the first time in years. That Wei Labs herbal solutions gave her kidneys the opportunity to heal but they just simply needed more time. Patient plans to start dialysis 3x a week and continue on half dose of core kidney products for the next 6 months. She is thankful for the extended months Wei Laboratories gave her prior to going on dialysis.

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