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Relief of a Left Ureter Constriction Causing High Protein Levels
A 51-year-old female presented with a left ureter constriction with 12% left kidney function and a history of kidney stones as a result. The patient had multiple stents in the past to help widen the ureter. Her most recent stent was placed in December 2017. In April 2018 she began experiencing hematuria as a result of the stent placement and wanted it removed. At the time her physician was recommending they surgically remove her left kidney. Patient has no other underlying health conditions. Prior to treatment, her most recent lab work was done in March 2018. Her GFR was 74, Total Protein was 8.8 (normal range is 6-8.3g/dL), Globulin was 4.7 (normal range is 2-3.5g/dL) and Albumin/Globulin ratio was 0.9 (normal range is 0.8-2.0). Previously, her kidney lab results were always normal, never indicating kidney failure.

Under a recommendation from Bing, the patient started on Wei Laboratories kidney formulas: KS, Xcel, LC Balancer, Formula C, and Anemic at the beginning of May to help support her kidney structure and function and reduce inflammation. Bing suggested adding in BI formula as well to target bladder inflammation with the ureter constriction. The patient's main goal was to avoid having her left kidney removed.

Shortly after starting the protocol, the patient had her stents removed. Her hematuria resolved and she was pain-free. A few days later she developed a severe pain over her left kidney that she ranked 8-9 out of 10 with an ultrasound showing 2-3 hydronephrosis and multiple structures in the lower pole of the left kidney. The patient was recommended to start on K2, Nefnin, and Mycocin to target possible mycoplasma and gram-negative infection in the kidneys and bladder. 5 days later the patient reported her pain had completely resolved. She had not started on the infection products but was drinking cranberry juice and using CBD oil. She was able to hike 3 miles over the weekend and was pain-free. The patient had lab work done on May 21st and her GFR was 71, Total Protein was 8.2, Globulin was 4.1, and Albumin/Globulin ratio was 1.0. Her GFR showed a slight decrease which was expected given the fluid retention of her left kidney on the ultrasound. However, her Total Protein had decreased from the two months prior, along with a decrease in Globulin levels, and a normalizing Albumin/Globulin ratio.

During the second month, Bing recommended adding in two formulas Cellgen and Renogen to target any renal fibrosis with hopes of dissolving any masses that might be blocking or causing a constriction of her left ureter. The patient had another lab work done towards the end of June and her kidney lab values remain steady.

The patient decided to stop the products after two months of treatment and remains stable.

BEFORE (March 9th, 2018)

AFTER (May 22nd, 2018)

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