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Chen-Ying  Huang, DAOM
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IPF Solution
A 63 years old male contacted Wei Labs the week he was diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis in November 2017 and was referred to Dr. Chen-Ying Huang. He was consistently dealing with phlegm in his chest, shortness of breath, and "burning lungs", which interfered with his daily activities. He took Prednisone for three days before deciding he wanted to explore alternative solutions.

The patient went to see Dr. Chen-Ying Huang for a consultation. Dr. Huang suggested acupuncture two times a week in conjunction with Wei Labs' Soup A, Soup B, and LC Balancer. Wei's Jade formula was added in the second month of the protocol to increase lung immunity during the winter time. Soup A helps increase the biosynthesis of proteins, DNA and mRNA, etc. as well as the supply of building blocks including amino acid, carbohydrate and other cofactors necessary to speed up new tissue growth of the alveoli and bronchioles. Soup B helps break down scar tissue and nodules in the lungs. The LC Balancer helps with systemic microcirculation and brings additional nutrients to the lungs to begin the repair process. Jade boosts the cell-mediated immunity of the lungs to fight lung infections.

Before treatment, the patient rated their shortness of breath at a 10/10, chest tightness at a 10/10, excess phlegm at a 10/10, and energy level was a 2/10.

After one month of treatment, the patient rated his shortness of breath at a 3/10, coughing was a 4/10, chest tightness was a 3/10, and excess phlegm was a 5/10. His energy was up to a 6/10.

After 3 months, the patient's shortness of breath was a 2/10, coughing was a 3/10, chest tightness was a 1/10, and excess phlegm was a 3/10, and he rated his energy at a 9/10.

The patient is pleased that he has experienced sustained results after completing the treatment.
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