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Natural Treatment for Pneumonia that Saved The Life of My Mom
An 82 y.o. female patient suffered from Pneumonia and was dying. The ER did everything they could but could not stop the worsening of the condition. The patient was released to hospice on 6/30/2017 to wait to die. The daughters of the patient asked if Dr. Filippini, DC could do anything, Dr. Filippini, DC prescribed Rife treatment and Wei Laboratory formulas (ClearLung, LC Balancer, Bitter capsules and Brown Juice) that target the infections. The formulas were brought to her on Friday 7/7/2017, and were given to the patient by the nurses at Hospice as prescribed. The daughter of the patient gave her the first Rife treatments during that weekend. On the following Monday 7/10/2017, the patient was sitting up and wanting to go outside. (She previously was too weak to sit up and speak). She went through the 10-day protocol of formulas and used the Rife treatment the following weekend again, and was so much better: she was no longer at the brink of death, and was laughing and back to her old self.

Below is the narrative of the two daughters of the patient.

Sarai: Our Mother suffered a stroke about 12 years ago, and is paralyzed on half of her body. She was 82 years old and in a nursing home. I (Jane) was checking on her and noticed there was noise in her chest. I could hear it and feel it. I finally got the nurses to admit her to the ER, where they took X-rays and diagnosed her with pneumonia and dehydration. She also had not eaten in a week. She was admitted for a week, putting her on aggressive antibiotics. Pneumonia continued to spread to the other lobes of her lungs, and they continued to increase her antibiotics, and the third set of X-rays showed further spreading of the infection in the lungs.

I asked if they could put her on stronger antibiotics, but they said they could not because she could not expel the fluids up due to her paralysis. The doctor that was overseeing her case called me that Friday and told me he was releasing her from care to palliative care...and not to bring her back to the hospital. There was nothing more they could do for her, so just take her back and let her die with dignity.

I purchased an urn, as she wanted to be cremated, and contacted my family, making arrangements for her funeral. I called my sister, Rachel to let her know our mom was dying. Rachel works with Dr. Filippini, DC at Abundant Life Health and Wellness, and she asked Dr. Filippini, DC if there was anything we could do for her.

Dina: Dr. Filippini, DC replied sure - no problem. and he sent me with several Wei Laboratory formulas (ClearLung, LC Balancer, Bitter capsules and Brown Juice) that specifically targets the infections. The medical doctor allowed the alternative care formulas as part of the palliative care, and the nurses at Hospice gave them to her as prescribed by Dr. Filippini, DC. I went down on the weekends and took our Rife equipment and ran the various pneumonia programs on her, and since she couldn't sit up, I placed her hand in the foot bath to pull out the toxins. She started refusing any more supplements after the 10 days, however, so I continued to Rife her on the weekends. After the Wei products and Rife treatments, she started to improve.

I would listen to her chest, and I could hear the gurgling diminish the point that she's back to her old self - laughing and sneaking bad food (she's a diabetic and was caught eating sweetbread).

Sarai: Mom had not been out of bed for three weeks. She was too weak, and didn't have the energy, and very severely depressed. But after Rachel did the Rife treatments on Saturday, she wanted to get up on Sunday. So we got her up into her wheelchair and took her outside for some sunshine. She was still on Hospice care because that's the doctor's order...but she's completely healed! And it only took 2 weeks.
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