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Sharon Shuppert, LAc
Phoenix and Dragon Acupuncture
(512) 659-3226
2911 Medical Arts Street, Suite 19B
Austin, TX 78705 United States
Amazing Detoxification Result
"My husband and I recently did the WeiDetox Program and were pleasantly surprised at the results. After the first week on the herbs, I noticed a huge reduction in the feeling of anger and irritation. After my 4th week, I was happy to see the loss of a few unwanted pounds and stabilization of my weight. My metabolism seems to be in line.

My husband had recently quit smoking and he jumped on the chance to detox his lungs. The program worked on all the organs in a systematic way, clearing the GI tract, liver, and kidneys first then progressively cleared all the organs including the heart and lungs. My husband’s cravings for nicotine were gone after the program. After 40 years of smoking, that was huge!

Thank you Wei Laboratories!"

- Sharon Shuppert, LAc
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