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Jennifer Foster, DC
Coastal Chiropractic Health Solutions
9200 Benita Beach Road Ste 109
Bonita Springs, FL 34135 United States
Free from Excruciating Pain
A 49 y.o. male patient came in after a hurricane, the organic farm he ran was destroyed. He was disabled, and had multiple spinal surgeries. The Surgeon did a bilateral laminectomy from T7 to L5, and fused all the lumbar vertebra. He tried to fuse the thoracic spine but the fusion did not hold. He did successfully fuse T5-T6. Jennifer offered the Patient chiropractic for free since he was disabled could not work. He started getting better with adjustments, so significantly better he could not even believe it. Jennifer asked him if he had a little money, and discussed Wei Laboratories patches with him. The Patient received 4 Large patches, 2 WHITEE Patches and 2 FASTT Patches. Before putting the patches on he cut them in half, and put one on his back and one on his neck. Significant improvement!!!!! He is sleeping at night now and had not slept well for 5 years! He is almost completely out of pain; but does sometimes have aggravation with heavy exertion, but nowhere near where he was before treatment. Previously he would have to stop every 10 mins because of so much pain. The treatment significantly relieved the pain down his legs and his arms. He mostly had radiculopathy pain when riding his tractor, WHITEE patches helped so much reducing the pain. He is almost done with the 4th patch, such a happy camper! The range of motion in the neck was practically nothing when he started; now he can move his head in all directions with no stiffness and/or pain!!! Jennifer also had him on an anti-inflammatory diet (gluten free, dairy free, peanut free).
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