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Jennifer Foster, DC
Coastal Chiropractic Health Solutions
9200 Benita Beach Road Ste 109
Bonita Springs, FL 34135 United States
Fast Resolution of Severe Pain Caused by Hernia
A female patient of Dr. Jennifer Foster (Dr. Jenn) was having very intense abdominal pain caused by a hernia, as well as a tear in the abdominal wall. The patient was in her 70s. Dr. Jenn prescribed a series of 2 FASTT Patches and 6 Spring Patches and Sunrise formula from Wei Laboratories. The FASTT Patch accelerates the healing process of the abdominal tear, and Spring Patch will improve intestinal blood circulation and contraction to relieve pressure on the abdominal wall. The Sunrise formula is an internal formula which helps to improve abdominal blood circulation, and helps with inguinal and umbilical hernias. The patient was to first apply the FASTT Patch followed by Spring Patches, while taking the Sunrise formula.

The patient saw great results! She only had 1 day of pain after starting the treatments, and at the end of the month she had no stomach pain, no cramping, or any other problems. She is very happy and is continuing the treatment for further improvements!
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