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Jennifer Foster, DC
Coastal Chiropractic Health Solutions
9200 Benita Beach Road Ste 109
Bonita Springs, FL 34135 United States
Successful Treatment of Severe Back Pain Due to Uterine Fibroid
50 F patient visited Dr. Foster for her severe back pain. The cause of the back pain is not clear. Dr. Foster suspect that it may be a disc problem and recommended 9 Large WHITEE Patches together with 5 bottles of Brown and 5 bottles of LC Balancer from Wei Lab. The patient reported that the back pain subsided when she ware the patch. However, whenever she's off the patch for 1 day, her pain spikes up! The pain gets worse when she is not wearing the patch. Although Dr. Foster has been telling her to keep the patches for about 3-4 days, her pain keeps escalating when the patches are off.

Upon further review of patients health history, the patient mentioned that she has uterine fibroids. Dr. Foster believed that the severe back pain may be caused the fibroid and recommended 4 bottles of MayMay formula from Wei Lab to help fibroid condition with 6 Large WHITEE Patches and 4 bottles of Brown and 4 bottles of LC Balancer. After 3 weeks of treatment, the patient reported that the MayMay Formula was RIGHT on the mark in treating her condition. The Back Pain greatly improved and completely went away once she started using the MayMay. She is pain free now and the improvement has been sustained. Dr. Foster was highly impressed with Wei Lab.
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