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Grace Chang, LAc
Acupuncture with Grace
2033 Santa Clara Ave.
Alameda, CA 94501 United States
Accelerated Healing of Collarbone Fracture
71 yr old male came to Grace who cracked his shoulder blade and collarbone riding his bike down the street. He went to see Grace the day after it happened. He had been out of work and immobile. Patient worked at Trader Joes as a Bagger and his goal was to return to work as soon as possible. He had been getting physical therapy that was helping but it was not completely healed. Grace suggested that he should look into internal work to supplement the PT. The collar bone was broken and there was a one centimeter overlap of the bone. He did not have full range of motion because of the tenderness in the collar bone area. Grace was able to take down some of the bruising/discoloration with her acupuncture. To treat the fractured collarbone, the patient went through a total of 5 medium FASTT patches and 1 LC Balancer in conjunction with Graces treatments. After finishing the patches in conjunction with PT and acupuncture in 2 weeks, the patient was able to go back into work. Patients collarbone fracture is healed in a much reduced amount of time.
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