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Janet Beach, RN
(218) 326-6352
34009 N. Shoal Lake Road
Grand Rapids, MN 55744 United States
Successful Treatment of Hepatitis C
A 62 year old female patient contracted Hepatitis C and has had the condition for a long time. She had stopped working because of her health issues and had been on partial disability. Janet had recommended a 3 month treatment of Brown and LC Balancer. The use of Brown helps repair liver damage and restore liver health, and the use of LC Balancer enhances microcirculation. Before starting treatment, the patient reported that her viral load was 18.9 million. During the first month, her energy level had improved significantly. She had been able to walk up the stairs without losing her breath, attend mass for the first time in a while, and wake up earlier. During her second month of treatment, her blood work had shown that her viral load was cut by two-thirds to 6.2 million. She had felt fatigued, and Janet had recommended the addition of Xcel at a modified dose. As the her liver function improved, the buildup of metabolic waste in the blood overwhelmed the kidneys causing fatigue. Xcel had been recommended in order to help the kidneys secrete the wastes more effectively. At the end of the third month, the blood work had shown that the patient was negative for Hepatitis C, and any signs of the virus was undetected. For sustained results, Janet then recommended a continuation of Xcel, Brown Juice, and LC Balancer at a modified dose as well as a full dose of Cirrhonin in order to break down any fibrotic tissue in the liver that resulted from Hepatitis C. The patient was very impressed with her blood work and was very happy with the results.
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