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Michael  Akerson, DC/CSCS
Sports And Family Care Clinic
16515 S. 40th St., #133
Phoenix, AZ 85048 United States
Successful Treatment of Cancer in Dog
Dr. Michael Akerson was treating a dog with cancer. The tumor was localized on her jaw. Her lymph node was a little bit enlarged, but no cancer was found. The dog had just gone through radiation therapy. Dr. Akerson recommended the initial treatment step of Cancer Protocol from Wei Laboratories, which included 3 herbal formulas LC Balancer, Brown and Qi Booster. The 3 natural herbal formulas worked together to restore the immune function and enhance chemo and/or radiation therapy results. After taking the herbal formulas for 2 weeks, the dog was taken for examination and it was found that the tumor had been shrinking. The dog was also found to have an infection in her mouth due to radiation. Dr. Akerson recommended adding Wei Laboratories Bitter formula to the treatment, which helped reduce Inflammation and clear cancer protective IgG. After one month of treatment, the infection was greatly reduced and the tumor continued to shrink. Meanwhile, the dog had been having plenty of energy and eating well. The dog will continue the treatment for another month to see more improvement.
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