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Michael  Akerson, DC/CSCS
Sports And Family Care Clinic
16515 S. 40th St., #133
Phoenix, AZ 85048 United States
Successful Treatment of Parasite and Bloating
A 55 yo female patient visited Dr. Akerson for her bloating/gas and stomach upset which she had for more than 25 years. Patients has been on so many medications and antacids without too much benefit. She was currently on a medication, Amitiza, that she had been taking every day for months to help with her stool movement, but wanted to go off of it. Patient was also having GERD, burning in her stomach (nervous stomach) for more than 25 years, and had gallbladder removed 24 years ago.

Dr. Akerson decided to do a parasite cleansing using Wei Protomin and Detocin. After finishing 1 full bottle of each Parasite products, patient was experiencing some really intense die off effects; addition of Probiosis, Brown, LC Balancer and Xcel REALLY helped. After finishing 3 bottles of each products, she felt at least 50% better on her bloating, stomach upset and burning and continued treatment and was feeling better and better until she finished 6 bottles of each. The Patient is REALLY happy about the resolution of her bloating and other stomach issues after having this issue for 25 years.
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