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Susan Russell, LAc
Turning Point Healing Center
4343 Shallowford Rd., Ste. H5
Marietta, GA 30062 United States
Successful Treatment of Bone-on-Bone Osteoarthritis and Meniscus Tear
A female Patient came to Dr. Russell for treatment of her bone-on-bone osteoarthritis and torn meniscus. Dr. Russell started the patient with a two week treatment of medium WHITEE patches to heal her cartilage and joint tissue and LC Balancer for kidney and microcirculation support in combination with chiropractic treatment. After the two weeks of treatment the patient has already experienced great success: she is feeling less pain and can walk down steps much easier. After having such a successful round, the patient decided to use more patches to target other physical issues that were also causing her pain. She used large WHITEE patches anticipating faster results for pain and swelling in her feet and as well as an acute traumatic injury in her thumb. After her second round of treatment she reported that she was able to resume physical activity and could even walk perfectly. This patient is very satisfied with the results of her treatment.
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