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Charles Jewett, DC
1371 Benbrandon Ct.
Mansfield, OH 44906 United States
Successful Improvement of Tennis Elbow
A male patient in his mid 40s had bilateral epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow and Golf Elbow. Tennis Elbow is pain on the inside of the elbow and pain on the outside of the elbow is generally diagnosed as Golf Elbow) on both arms. The patient had chronic pain for 18 months, to the point where the pain began to wake the patient at night. The patient sought care with Dr. Jewett. Dr. Jewett recommended 3,000 ml of essential fatty acids per day and the patient saw a 70% improvement in pain reduction within two weeks. At this point Dr. Jewett recommended herbal patches from Wei Laboratories for acute and chronic injuries called the FASTT Patches and WHITEE Patches. The patient was instructed to place the small patches in the fossa on each side of the olecronan process (in the soft area on each side on the underside of the elbow). A total of four small patches on each side of both elbows was used as the primary treatment (the patient remained on the essential fatty acids); the patient was instructed to alternate between the two types of patches. After approximately two weeks of WHITEE and FASTT Patch treatment, the pain was completely resolved! The patient had a follow up office visit about one year later and the patient reported that he remained pain free!

Adjustments of the extremities were initially offered with minimal change in the reported pain.
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