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Mary Lynn Morales, LAc
1172 San Pablo Ave #203
Berkeley, CA 94716 United States
Successful Treatment of Shingles
An 80 year old African American female came to my clinic in March 2012 with severe pain along the bra strap line on the left side for about 3 days. She had been to see her primary care physician, who told her to take Tylenol and "come back next week if it still hurts". Even though her dark skin did not show a rash, the severity of her pain, location, and her age made me think of shingles immediately. Her pulse was deep, weak and thin, and her tongue was slightly pale but otherwise unremarkable. She is a very proper and woman, but immediately disrobed to show me the painful area, as she was in terrible pain.

I treated her very simply, as she had a difficult time holding still because of her pain level. Treatment: Yin tang to calm spirit, and frequency specific microcurrent on the affected nerve root and at the pain site. She received two treatments of 45 minutes each in two days, and her pain disappeared, never to return. I believe treating her so early in the process (before eve the appearance of a rash) facilitated her fast recovery. On the second day I was able to add some ear points (shen men, autonomic, point zero), but she was more than 50% better after the first treatment.
Bussiness Hours: MWF 8am to 5pm, Sat. by appointment
Phone Consulting: Yes
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