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Jason Bussell, LAc
A Center for Oriental Medicine
(847) 251-5225
415 1/2 Fourth St.
Wilmette, IL 60091 United States
Successful Treatment of Dementia
Patient is a 81 year old female with dementia and paranoid thoughts. Her family was about to put her in a nursing home because they could not keep her safe and at home. She came to me for help. After her first visit, her paranoid episodes reduced to 10% of what they had been. Her memory improved and she could remember the names of her family members better. We saw her weekly for 4 weeks, then every two weeks for two months, now she comes in every 4 to 8 weeks for a tune up or if her symptoms start flaring.
Bussiness Hours: M-W: 9-7; Th: 1-7; F: 9-6; Sat: 8-3
Phone Consulting: No
Fees Schedule: First Visit: $125
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