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Donna F. Smith, ND, PhD, CCN
Advanced Clinical Nutrition
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Wichita Falls, TX 76310 United States
Successful Treatment for Lung Congestion and Difficulty Breathing
Lung Congestion Improved with Soup A Herbal Product from Wei Laboratories, Inc.

This 55-year-old female presented to Dr. Smith for help in improving her lung congestion and difficulty in breathing. This patient loved, and therefore, had been over-consuming ice cream for decades. Over the years, she had built-up a high level of mucus from the milk and sugar ingredients in this food product. She had also been smoking cigarettes for the past 25 years. Under the guidance of Dr. Smith, she was weaned and then quit smoking. She also switched to non-dairy desserts and when her sugar cravings abated from her clinical nutrition therapeutic supplement program, she was able to live without the desire for desserts.

Soup A was consumed for the first three and a half months to strengthen her lung structure and improve lung and respiratory function, while simultaneously Dr. Smith had dispensed other whole food therapeutic supplements to detoxify excess mucus, nicotine and other toxic substances. Within a few weeks, her symptoms improved and within three months she was symptom free.

Because symptoms are a communication system from cells to brain and vice versa, symptoms begin to improve and then abate once the patient has consumed a sufficient amount of the nutrients their body requires for repairing and healing (growing new) cells and tissue in the organ or gland producing the symptoms, i.e., the lungs in this patients case. This stage of improvement occurs generally within 3-6 weeks after beginning their clinical nutrition therapeutic supplement program.

To complete this repairing and healing process in order to sustain improvement, without therapeutic supplement support, however, takes a minimum of three months, plus one month for every year of suffering, on the average, as well as making consistent lifestyle changes. In respect to lifestyle changes, this is getting to the cause (diet and smoking), replacing unhealthy lifestyle practices with consistent healthier practices. Therefore, the patient is able to stop contributing to their lung congestion and difficulty breathing, and will have these healthier practices in place by the time they attain healing from their clinical nutrition therapy, so that she can sustain healing once attained without supplementation and she does not re-create lung dysfunction again in the future. Thus, this patient accomplished these goals and completed her clinical nutrition therapy approximately two and a half years later.
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