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Teri  Langford, DC/Dipl Ac
River of Life Wellness
2125 N Josey Ln Ste 102
Carrollton, TX 75006  United States
Successful Treatment for Bursitis of Hip - 2 Cases
Case 1

This 49 year old female suffered from pain in the right hip at the femur head. The pain persisted for 18 months. Chiropractic care combined with ultrasound would alleviate the pain for a short period of time, with one week being the longest period of time that she was pain free. A large herbal patch was applied, and the pain subsided within hours. She completed the 3 patch treatment and reports that the pain has not returned in the past 4 months. The patient is active, including climbing ladders, and continues to be pain free.

Case 2

62 year old female had a sudden onset of pain in the right shoulder joint. She applied herbal patches to the shoulder and lower region of the neck, combined with an herbal intake formula. The pain was alleviated after applying 3 patches.
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