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Charles Coppola, Holistic Chiropractor
Pain Relief &Holistic Health Care
One South Stone Avenue
Elmsford, NY 10523 United States
Successful Resolution of Eye Issues
Every once in a while my left eye would bother me. At first, I did not think much of it, but then it started to bother me more and more. I started to experience pressure around my eye. Whenever I read, my eyes would tire fairly quickly; and I would see a glare and the words were out of focus or would disappear. What really made me worry, however, is that whenever I would look to my right or my left, objects would disappear. I went to see my ophthalmologist who gave me a complete eye examination, and then told me he could not find anything wrong. He said everything was normal, including my eye pressure.

At the time, I was seeing Dr. Coppola because I had some jaw pain. After speaking with the ophthalmologist, I decided to tell Dr. Coppola what was going on to see if he had any ideas. He immediately said, It sounds like a cranial fault problem. Up until then, I never head of cranial faults. He then proceeded to check and adjust my cranium (skull bones); and after a number of treatments, my eye issues all went away. Also, I am in the retail business, and work closely with customers on a daily basis. However, whenever I would work closely with someone, after a short time, I would feel very stressed, and would have to turn away. Eye contact was very difficult for me. Now, after being treated by Dr. Coppola, I enjoy working closely with my customers (again); and I can stay focused on them. This, along with the other improvements, has made a large impact in my life

--N.S., Westchester County, NY
Bussiness Hours: M, W, F: 9-1 & 3-7; Tues: 3-7; Sat: 9-1
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: Initial Consult, Evaluation, and Treatment: $225. 15-minute: $60 30-minute: $100 45-minute: $160 1 hour: $200
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