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Sed Rahimi, LAC/ND/Master Iridology
Natural Therapy and Iridology Clinic
7089 Yonge St. #204
Thornhill,  ON L3T2A7 Canada
Successful Healing of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
A female patient, age 36 now, had been diagnosed with multiples sclerosis at the age of 28. Four years later at the age of 32 she approached Dr. Rahimi for help.

The patients symptoms were severe. She had a very heavy right leg and left hand. Both of her hands and legs were numb and tingling. Her lower back was tight. The patient turned out to have substantial stress constipation. Besides, her father had been a diabetic. He also suffered from the Parkinson disease along with high blood pressure. The MS symptoms had come up after the patients pregnancy. An MRI had unveiled that her brain as well as her cervical spine (C2/C3) showed lesion from 6 years ago.

Further diagnosis turned out a very low level of vitamin D. The ACTH was too low as well. Her adrenal indicated an exhausted cortisone level. Besides a low DHEA was discovered together with a low thyroidal and a very low progesterone.

Dr. Rahimi started a four months combined treatment composed of Wei Laboratories patches, Brown Juice and LC Balancer. In addition, fish oil, vitamin D as well as adrenal support, magnesium and co-enzymes Q10 were applied. Some of the treatment regime was continued afterwards.

The results were amazing. The lesion of the spinal chord had been eliminated. The numbness was completely gone. The heaviness of the legs had been improved by 70%. The patient had much more energy. Two years after the completion of the treatment a diagnosis showed that the brain lesion did not shrink but it diffused. The head delineation was gone. Now four years after completing the treatment the patient is absolutely well which is truly amazing given her stressful life.
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