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Sed Rahimi, LAC/ND/Master Iridology
Natural Therapy and Iridology Clinic
7089 Yonge St. #204
Thornhill,  ON L3T2A7 Canada
Successful Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis
A female patient, age 38, had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2010. She suffered from severe pain in all parts of the body including her hands. Her ESR amounted to 80 and her SHRP to 7 (very high values).

Dr. Rahimi started the patient on a two month treatment program. It was composed of Java Sauce, fish oil as well as an anti-inflammatory. In addition, a healthy diet had been introduced.

The treatment program reduced the pain by 70-80% within two weeks. The Java sauce was applied for a total of 2 months. For preventative reasons the patient still uses fish oil. The patient has kept the diet until now.

The patient had almost no pain at the end of the treatment program (after 2 months). A patient diagnoses after three months yielded an ESR of 20 and an SHRP of 3 (substantial reduction as a result of the treatment). The results have been sustained ever since.

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