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Ronald  Mullen , AP
Acupuncture & Natural Healing Center
(772) 781-5353
921 East Ocean Blvd., Suite #2
Stuart, FL 34994 United States
Successful Treatment of Fidgeting and Restlessness - 2 cases
Dr. Mullen has successfully treated the condition of fidgeting and restlessness of 2 senior female patients by using the ZY Formula from Wei Laboratories. Both patients symptoms indicate deficiency heat with heat due to kidney water and yin deficiencies.

The 1st patient is a 66 year old female. Her symptoms include dry eyes, dry skin, anxiety, depression and feeling blue, fidgety behavior, restlessness indicated by lots of non-productive energy and not being able to stay still. She was able to fall asleep, but had been waking up frequently throughout the night. Her energy was fine in the morning, but she would get tired and fatigued, feeling very drained quickly as the day goes by. She would also have severe night sweats, needing to change her clothes; she described the sensation as though - my body does not feel hot, just very sweaty. She felt very lethargic and apathetic most of the time. The patient also has a history of alcoholism and has tried to quit smoking. Dr. Mullen initially prescribed the Brown Formula, Xcel and LC Balancer from Wei Laboratories to improve the kidney and liver function, which only gave her very minimal improvement. The patient was then prescribed the ZY Formula from Wei Laboratories which nurtures kidney water and yin; after one week of treatment, the patient has reported dramatic changes and feels like a different person with no more restless energy and can have deep sleep. The patient is continuing treatment with the ZY Formula to have sustained results.

The 2nd female patient was of a similar age with very similar symptoms. Dr. Mullen recommended the ZY Formula for this patient as well; after just one week of treatment, the patient reported that she is able to run around the tennis court like a teenager! She has been feeling so much better and feels as if her joints are lubricated so much more. Her response to the doctor was this is a big surprise to her and has exclaimed to the doctor what you have done to me?!?!? (in a positive way of course) The patient has been so excited and would like to continue the treatment with the ZY Formula to achieve sustained results.
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