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Successful Chronic Lower Back Pain with Sciatica
I am a 51 year old Acupuncture Physician with a busy practice in Florida. In the 1980s I sustained a back injury which resulted in sever, unrelenting pain. The pain radiated through my lower back and down the right leg.

For years I struggled with this excruciating pain, unable to work, indeed barely able to function. MRI scans revealed three herniated lumbar discs, for which I received multiple epidurals. During my this time I was also treated with many therapies, including physical
Therapy, traction, a body cast, all without the slightest relief. Back surgery was ruled out as an option for my type of injury, and I struggled daily without much hope of relief.

Through a friends referral, I found an Acupuncture Physician and began treatment. And after two months, I was able to function again. (Which lead me to go back to school to study Oriental Medicine), I also added a stretching and strengthening program and was able to
Get back to a relatively normal life.

My back though is much better, still caused problems periodically. I had developed some arthritis in the area of the old injury. I decided to try the herbal supplement, having seen great improvement in my patients who were using this product.

Even as a practitioner, I could not believe the difference I felt after using the herbal treatment for six weeks. My back felt stronger and my range of motion and flexibility improved enormously. I continued to take the herbal formula for three months and have felt complete relief of my symptoms. The herbal treatment has helped my patients and me and I find exceptional relief.
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