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Successful Elimination of Cold Obstruction Syndrome
A female patient had worked for more than 40 years in the freezing section of a deli store. Due to the low temperature she was diagnosed with a cold obstruction syndrome. It slows down the flow of QI in the channels which had created severe pain in the joints, muscles and tendons. Besides, her overall body constitution has been cold for many years.

A first treatment protocol had been applied in 2008 for a length of about 3 months. It had been composed of acupuncture and herbal patches. As a result, the pain had been eliminated completely.

A shorter treatment protocol of a little more than one month was applied to the patient in 2011 (i.e. 3 years later). It had been composed again of acupuncture and an herbal intake formula and served as a preventive step to eliminate any possibility of pain. Given the overall constitution of the patients body she has been advised to do the preventive treatment every 2-3 years.

Before applying the alternative healthcare approach the patient had tried Western medicine which had not helped her. Reason: Western medicine does not include the concept of dealing with temperature. It has been based on chemical drug prescription which does not clear the problem, and produces negative side effects because of its exclusive aim to eliminate inflammations.

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