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Charles Lerner, MSAC/DC
Dr. Charles B. Lerner
853 Bantam Road
Bantam, CT 06750 United States
Successful Resolution of Persistent Cough and Bladder Failure

An 88 year old male patient consulted with me by telephone conference regarding his lung disease that he had been treating with the use of a nebulizer and the use of an oxygen tank. His symptoms included bronchiectasis, wheezing, persistent cough, thick phlegm and chronic coughing. The patient had smoked for 31 years and had problems recovering from colds. The patient also had bladder failure and had serious difficulty urinating. The bladder was drained 4 times a day with the assistance of a catheter. I recommended a treatment of herbal products including Soup A, Soup B, and LC Balancer for these lung symptoms as well as Xcel Capsules and LC Balancer for his bladder problem.

Two months later, the patient wrote a thank you letter explaining his results. His lungs had almost completely cleared. His symptoms of chronic coughing, wheezing and his breathing problems were so improved he no longer required the use of oxygen.

However, the patient was most pleased with the result of the Xcel Capsules and LC Balancer. His bladder had not naturally emptied for the past 3 years. The patient was told by his urologist that he would need to catheterize himself for the rest of his life. Dr. Lerner told him based on his intake information that this was not a problem he had to endure. Since taking the Xcel Capsules and the LC Balancer the patient reported the ability to completely empty the bladder without the assistance of a catheter. It has now been several weeks and the patient continues to urinate with no external aids. At this point in time, he no longer needs to take any herbs.

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