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John Lubecki, DC
Lubecki Chiropractic Office
7405 Winding Way
Fair Oaks, CA 95628 United States
Successful Treatment of Stage IV Endometrial Cancer
In May 2009, an elderly female patient was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. Bill Hendersons, cancer free, protocol had been applied to a certain extent. It comprises juicing, detoxing with sauna, coffee enema, and infrared amethyst mat.

In July 2009, a total abdominal hysterectomy was performed. The surgeon reported that the cancer had spread and that the disease was at stage IV. The following two months the patient developed ascites which had become severe and required to visit an ER. The ER doctor prescribed morphine. The prognosis was approximately three months to prepare final affairs.

In October 2009, the patients cancer tumor marker amounted to 239 (normal range is less than 35). At that point, the patients family found and contacted Dr. Lubecki per Bill Hendersons newsletter. Dr. Lubecki and the patients family started to implement Dr. Lubeckis anti-cancer protocol the day of the paracentesis (November 3rd, 2009). It was composed of laser treatment, imprinter, homeopathic detox boxes and so on. The patient also continued with previous treatment protocols of diet, detox, and spiritual healing.

The patient and her family stringently followed Dr. Lubeckis instructions over the following two months. As a result, the patient started to show signs of increased appetite, energy, bowel movement, and loss of remaining abdominal fluids. Her strength increased to such an extent that a wheelchair was not required any longer. The patient also refused any further chemotherapy. By February 4, 2010, the tumor marker had decreased to 35.9 (down from 239). The patient had made such a remarkable recovery that she is now able to maintain the quality of life enjoyed prior to the beginning of the disease.
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