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Valerie Brinkman, LAc
5601 Reynolds Rd.
Austin, TX 78749 United States
Acupunctural Support to Mitigate Side Effects from Liver Surgery
A female patient of age 40 arrived at Dr. Brinkmans office in 2006. She had a blood tumor removed from the liver. Ever since the surgery happened the patient started to suffer from multiple problems (irregular menstrual cycle, edemas in hands, feet and ankles prior to the period, fertility problems, joint problems, high blood pressure, pre-diabetic, high sensitivity to ingested substances). Everything had become much more problematic after the surgery. The patient tried to become pregnant but did not succeed.

Dr. Brinkman started a treatment program exclusively composed of acupuncture (notification of spleen and kidney as well as liver activation). An herbal treatment component had not been included because of the patients sensitivity to external substances. For the first three weeks the patient came twice a week. Then the treatment intensity was reduced to one session per week. From then on a continued treatment session once every other week was applied. The goal was to make the patient feel better and keep the well being with continued maintenance.

As a result, the acupuncture has made the patient feel better on a daily basis. However, maintenance is highly necessary to keep up the patients level of comfort.
Bussiness Hours: by appointment
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: $50 per session
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