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Dale and Christy  Constantin, DC
Grogans Park Chiropractic
25144 Grogan's Park Dr.
The Woodlands, TX 77380 United States
Successful Healing of Chronic Injuries
My husband and I have been building our own home for the past year, so have been prone to multiple overuse and sprain/strain type injuries. I have used the herbal Patches primarily as a last resort when Iíve been unable to resolve the particular injury myself. Iíve used them for a hamstring strain (refused to resolve after 3 months of treatment), wrist extension tendonitis (3 times!), AC joint sprain and rotator cuff tendonitis. In all cases, resolution was accomplished after the 2nd or 3rd Patch. The injuries were often to the point that I was barely able to function (especially the wrist extension tendonitis and resultant wrist or finger pain) before using the herbal Patches. The pain was detectably diminished after even just the first Patch. Iíve also used the herbal Patch successfully on several chronic, non-resolving rotator cuff tendonitis patients, and it has resolved their pain successfully each time.
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