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Robert Marshall, DC
Marshall Chiropractic
40 Red Coat Rd
Westport, CT 06880 United States
Successful Healing of Bacteria Infection
A female patient, age 29, was brought in by her fiancé. She had arrived from Russia a while back. She suffered from a low energy level. She could not walk for a long period of time and had to sit down periodically. She had consulted with a variety of practitioners. Nobody had been successful in finding out the real root causes.

Dr. Marshall found out about her heart surgery at the age of 19 (valve repair). The patient indicated to have had the symptoms since then. Her cardiologist had investigated after the surgery but concluded that everything was working properly.

Dr. Marshall diagnosed that the nerves to her heart had been interfered by subluxations of the spine. Secondly, her heart reflex turned out to be abnormal (diagnosed with acupressure principles). Further investigation showed that she suffered from a low grade bacteria infection of her heart which had not shown in her blood work. Dr. Marshall concluded that the symptoms had been caused by the heart surgery.

Dr. Marshall corrected the subluxations in the heart area using chiropractic adjustments. He also applied specific nutrients to rebuild the immune system which would in turn eliminate the bacteria.

The results were amazing. Within two months of the treatment program (8-12 sessions) the patient became a different person. Tiredness and slowness had been completely removed. She had become an energetic young person again. The results have sustained ever since (case dates back more than 10 years).
Successful Healing of Chronic Asthma
A young boy, 12 years old, had been diagnosed with asthma. He had taken asthma medication for the past 4 years. He arrived at Dr. Marshall’s practice in acute distress. The medication had not relieved him from the symptoms. He also suffered from neck and shoulder pain.

Dr. Marshall identified spinal subluxations. After the chiropractic corrections had been made the patient was back to normal breathing without asthma medication within one hour. The short term success turned out to be dramatic.

Dr. Marshall decided to apply a chiropractic treatment program of 6 sessions to fix the underlying distortions. Further need for treatment will be determined in a subsequent re-evaluation.

A periodic maintenance program will be applied afterwards to ensure preventive care for spinal and nervous system.
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