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Clemency Knox, LAc
Full Circle Healing Arts
645 Ridgely Avenue
Annapolis, MD 21401 United States
Successful Resolution of Post-Stroke Symptoms
A 60-year old female had suffered from post stroke symptoms for about 7 years. She was paralyzed down the whole right side of her body right after the stroke had happened but managed to gain almost full physical recovery. Only her right foot remained out of control (turned in, heavy and numb, toe nails were stunted) which made her limp. Prior to the stroke she had been an attorney. Now with the brain damage she could no longer work. She came for treatment in April 2010.

Dr. Knox applied acupuncture. During the first session her foot already straightened out and the heaviness as well as numbness disappeared. The patient was able to walk downstairs normally after one treatment only.

The positive results have been sustained ever since. The patient’s foot does not turn in anymore. She feels more cognitive and started driving again. Preventative maintenance has been applied on a monthly basis. She is very happy about the newly gained independence and even wears high heels.

Bussiness Hours: Tue + Wed + Thu: 10AM – 6PM, Mo + Fri: by appointment
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: $175 (first visit including treatment), $85 (follow-up treatment)